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+ Your Benefit

Parents often seek out psychological counselors to correct their children's behavioral problems. Working with the child is not enough, according to studies, to change their behavior or to ensure their well-being. To really improve the mental health of parents and children, it makes sense to have the behavioral change indirectly through the parents. Matching the concept of cognitive behavioral therapy, which offers professional help for self-help.

+ Our Method

Cognitive behavioral training is based on psychotherapeutic interventions of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It takes into account the way people think, act and feel. CBT is designed to deliver a change in thinking, acting and feeling that is more helpful and healthier. iGump's R & D with Lee McPea® offers this method web-based and shortened, with the same result. The web-based method is called iCBT and is scientifically sound.
The most important difference to other forms of accompaniment is that CBT / iCBT provides help for self-help. It is a practical method in which the participant is heavily involved. He will find out for himself what works well for him / herself and why he / she feels as he / she feels. Due to the strong involvement and the support over 4 weeks, with a time of 2 hours per week, a long-term change in thinking, feeling and acting can be achieved. With this behavioral change of the parents, there is an indirect change in their children.
CBT experts tend to focus more on the current situation and its solution than on the past. They focus on the person's beliefs and beliefs, not their personality traits. CBT experts work with individuals, parents, children, couples and families. The goal in CBT is to replace dysfunctional lifestyles with functional lifestyles while continuously increasing self-efficacy in one's life.

+ Objectives of Lee McPea®

The goal of the Lee McPea® is to meet the globally recognized requirements of the American Psychology Association (APA) and to cover parental counseling and guidance in Europe. We do not promise any miracles with our programs, but rely on measurable and recognized assessments that all program users go through. Well-being, stress and self-efficacy are tested before and after the program. The measured values show the change per program per participant and are handed out exclusively to the participant himself.

+ Vision of Lee McPea®

Lee McPea® focuses on mental health in families, focusing on children and adolescents rather than their parents. Mental health, according to WHO, is a state of physical, mental and social well-being. We want to help improve mental health in families, in Europe. We use iCBT programs, provide audiovisual parenting advice and offer thematic workshops in schools.

Parenting Programs

+ Background

Parental behavioral interventions were initially undertaken to reduce childish, disruptive behavior. They were based on behavioral theories and used strategies such as positive reinforcement, ignoring, time off and contractual arrangements. The aim of applying these strategies was to enhance alternative positive behaviors while reducing unwanted inappropriate behaviors of children. Based on research findings from these original interventions, new findings have been created. which today represent a successful approach in family counseling. The attitudes and emotions of the parents are adapted to change the behavior of the children. This is a slight modification of the CBC-based ABC model and is called AF-CBT. The method used in the Lee McPea® programs.

+ Description

The Lee McPea® parenting programs provide a psychosocial approach whereby parents learn to increase positive behavior in their child, reduce possible misconduct, improve parent-child interaction, and create a positive family atmosphere for more well-being and less stress. Our approach is based on extensive research based on studies of parent-child interaction patterns that create an environment for the child in which it can leverage its entire development capacity.

+ Participants

The Parent Programs are designed for parents, grandparents and educators to minimize or eliminate biopsychosocial sources of mental health risk in families or parent-child relationships.

+ Content

Based on the concept of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the Lee McPea® Platform delivers content on a weekly basis. Sbiopsychosocial risk sources for mental health in families or in the parent-child relationship are minimized using practical examples within 4 weeks.

+ Availability

Lee McPea® is available 24/7 in high quality and mobile form. Contact us now and find out more!

+ Benefits

-Sustainable change in the behavior of parents and child
-Kuratierte und strukturierte Modules
-Practical exercises and videos
-sessable results

+ Costs

The costs for four weeks, á 120 minutes are 129, - EUR including VAT. After payment of the invoice (Paypal or bank transfer) your program will be activated for you.

Parent's Counseling

+ Background

The parent is often the most influential person in a child's life, even when the child is an adult. The parent's behavior, ideas, and beliefs in the first years of life have a major impact on the child. A child typically also learns acceptance attitudes from the parents. In later years, the influence of parents becomes increasingly limited. Friends, the media and the school are gaining influence. Even a traumatizing event can affect the behavior of the child. Peer pressure can cause a child to develop a problematic behavior despite the efforts of a parent. Many parents try methods and styles that help them to master the challenges of life, to teach their children as well. But what works for the parents does not have to work for the children. The accompaniment of change processes of all kinds is the content of the parents' counseling.

+ Single Parenting

The number of single parents in Europe is increasing. Some parents are voluntarily single, others have lost their partner through separation or death. A single parent often experiences more stress due to increased responsibilities. If a parent suddenly becomes single, children can be traumatized and have difficulty coping with the loss of the other parent. This can often lead to behavioral problems. When divorced parents share custody of their child, the rules and routines of each home are different and the child may find it difficult to adapt congruent rules. Therefore, it can often be harder for single parents to enforce rules.
An additional topic of lone parenting is often finding a new partner. It is often impossible to meet someone or go on dates because of the duty to supervise. Therefore, isolation and loneliness are often the cause of depression and anxiety among single adults. Establishing a network of support with relatives and friends is often the time required for the parent. But challenges that go beyond the duty of supervision are solved more efficiently and effectively with the help of psychological counselors. Especially for single parents, the offer of telephone counseling is cost-effective (billing per quarter of an hour) and by the spatial flexibility more attractive than the personal advice.

+ Availability

You send a request by booking to us and propose 2-3 dates. We then contact you by telephone and fix one of the appointments or arrange an alternative appointment.

+ Costs

The parents' counseling takes place either via Skpye or in person. For the consultation by Skype incurred per started quarter of an hour 27, - € including VAT. The personal consultation takes place in the premises of the iGumps, the costs for 50 minutes amount to 96, - Euro. The contract is concluded with booking. Billing takes place immediately after the consultation and must be paid within 3 days without deduction (via Paypal or bank transfer).

Workshops at Schools

+ Background

About 75 percent of all serious illnesses of the psyche begin before the age of 24. Of these, only half of those affected receive the diagnosis before the age of 22. Most cases remain undetected during childhood and school.
Prevention is therefore important especially in childhood and school age. Mental habits and skills acquired at a young age are essential for maintaining mental health later in life. Resilience against stress and burnout has been proven to be learnable only until the age of 20 years.

+ Method

The method of Lee McPea® is the Cognitive Behavior Change. These include (1) participation and interactive learning, (2) rigorous evaluation, (3) dedicated and stimulating motivation, (4) principles of developmental psychology, (5) mental strengthening strategies, (6) practical examples, (7) case studies, and (8) evidence-based content.

+ Participants

The workshops are designed for students from the age of 9 years. If your students are younger, please contact us before booking. The workshops are suitable for groups of at least 10 students up to a maximum of 15 students. Please divide entire school classes into two dates.

+ Workshop "Mental Busters"

This workshop provides an introduction to mental health and is targeted to the target group. How much do you really know about it? This is a presentation of the truth about mental health and clears the myths about it. The children and young people learn more about the risks, possible dangers and what they can pay attention to. The goal is for children and adolescents to learn to identify their emotions and share them with others. From diagnostics, we know that just the one skill that helps to maintain one's mental health.

+ Workshop "Stress Ade"

Stay relaxed when life becomes faster again. Discover how stress develops and how you can reduce it. This will teach you important skills that will be useful to you in school life and later in life.

+ Workshop "Stigma-What?"

You learn to fight misunderstandings. Teenagers and adults repeatedly report that their learning problems were less frustrating than the stigma they experienced as a result of these impairments. In the workshop you will learn how to clear up misunderstandings and what stigmatization can do.

+ Workshop "Stay away from fairy dust"

Drugs and alcohol not only affect your physical development, they also affect your cognitive development. You will learn a lot about the facts behind the substances in the workshop. Judgment free and eventful!

+ Costs

The workshops are designed for 4 lessons, each with a break. The contents are entertaining and eventful, so normally no further break is necessary. The cost per participant is 25,00 EUR. Please note our terms of contract.


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